Moose Malloy
Mediocrity and the Master Narrative
Kofla Tapes
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1Dear Awe You Lucian 2:22
2Kadijaa 2:22
3Humdrum Excellence 1:26
4Younger Than That Now 2:03
5Shonii's Dizziness 1:17
6Private Detective 3:40
7Supernova Or Revenge Of The Naysayer 1:18
8Geiger Counter 2:38
9Tintindeo 1:54

»Mediocrity and the Master Narrative« is about coming to terms with having grown up with unrealistic expectations of life. Moose Malloy spent multiple years crafting this many-layered 19 minutes masterpiece by masterfully molding a plethora of reference points and influences. Ranging from minimal music to free-form sampling and the more spiritual kind of Jazz, to geographical influences they never visited (like Mongolia or Mali) and paintings by Lucian Freud or the film Koyaanisqatsi. In a way, this album is not even an album, it's many stories all at once. And they all tell us that our very own life's mediocrity can only be paradoxically dissolved by fully accepting it.