Marina Rosenfeld, Greg Fox, Eli Keszler
Greatest Hits
INFO 005
Edition of 300 copies, incl. printed inner
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1SELF OR 3:57
2CARYS 4:02
3MARINA 5:50
4SOLACE 8:01
5TITO 3 4:17

A decade on from that stunning »P.A./Hard Love« album that firmly placed Rosenfeld’s avant-dub fascinations on our map, the NYC-based sound artist releases these immersive recordings of her and two revered drummers interpreting scores generated by SuperCollider, which were then reworked by Rosenfeld, cut to dubplate, and played back in the hallowed arts space of MoMA P.S.1.

With her last few releases, Rosenfeld has averted her gaze towards the fuzzy boundary between the avant garde and popular music, most notably covering Christina Aguilera and György Ligeti on 2021's genius 'Teenage Lontano'. Here, she takes a step further into febrile abstraction, using dubplates fed through a SuperCollider algorithm to reduce the data into a “proper” composition, with Eli Keszler joining Greg Fox on percussion and Rosenfeld further editing the material for release.

Over 5 pieces the trio smartly short-circuit distinctions between free jazz, musique concrète, and dub-as-method, manifesting a masterful grasp of music’s spatio-temporal metaphysics on a remarkably wide and awning sound stage that benefits from detailed stereo dynamics. It starts tentatively with insectoid percussion appearing to scuttle the walls while phantasmic creatures growl and click from the rafters, and really comes into its own with bat-like zaps that feel out the room’s architecture on ‘Carys’. At its mid-way point, the percussion recedes to leave the artist’s voice swept in bleeps and crackle that slosh into the gyre of the sub-heavy, Gamelan-like ‘Solace’, before concluding with the seat-edge tension of Fox & Keszler’s gripping drums, spun out with Rosenfeld’s electronics like a real-time diffusion of a Parmegiani piece.