Akio Suzuki
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1Standtype “ANALAPOS -b” 17:03
2“De Koolmees” (Wet Hands Method) 8:27
3“De Koolmees” (Stick Percussion Method) 9:09
4Voice “ANALAPOS -a” 17:07

First time reissue of a super-rare private press tape by peerless sound artist and instrument builder Akio Suzuki, recorded behind-the-wall in 1984 at Berlin’s Technical University.

An absolute master of haptic abstraction, Suzuki’s delicate touch on self-built glass harmonica and the Analapos echo unit - metal cans joined by coil spring, like a kid’s tin-can telephone - generates the most ear-teasing spectrum of tones in ‘Zeitstudie’, which was only available in scant quantities via Galerie Giannozo, who organised his 1984 visit and performance which produced these recordings.

If you’ve had the pleasure of immersing in Akio’s work before, you will know the sort of tingling pleasures to be had from his music, and, as the artist states, this is one of the most “joyful” examples of his early work. The four pieces use one of his earliest, transportable set-ups, with a refined version of his glass harmonica - glass tubes suspended horizontally and played with wet fingers or wooden stick - and its sweetly avian harmonics displayed in the two mesmerising ‘De Koolmees’ pieces, while the others generate utterly intoxicating worlds of echo from his Analapos unit, reverberating in two 17 minutes parts like lingering traces of ecstatic melody from Michael O’Shea’s Mo Cara, or some ancient ceremonial cave music.