Charlemagne Palestine
The God Bear Archives 2
Matière Mémoire
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Edition of 90 copies
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1Chassidic Etudes #4 2:51
2Wonderment #3 6:55
3First Oberheim in Brooklyn #2 6:00
4Wonderment #1 14:44
5First Oberheim in Brooklyn #3 5:02
6First Oberheim in Brooklyn #1 8:17
7Simone+Charlemagne Roma 1972 #2 26:34
8Organ Sonority w_Syntho Bera 74 73:35

During the year 2021, Charlemagne entrusted us with numerous archives recently found on audio cassettes dating from the 70s and 80s. After a long process of listening and selection, we are pleased to present the second volume of these archives to you.

All music, instruments & voices by Charlemagne Palestine. Except CD1 track7 by Simone Forti & Charlemagne Palestine.

Track selection by Karbé Dinel
Cassette digitization by Lionel Hubert. Mastering by Frederic Alstadt at Mont analogue Masters.
Graphic & layout by Cedric D'hondt.
Cover picture by Kevin Clarke, RAGA TODI, ca 1984. Inside picture by Kathy Agnoli, Toronto 1976. CD’s picture by Sylvain Hitau, NEWLOOK #86 PP 32-33, 1990.
Thanks to Charlemagne Palestine, Aude Stoclet, Kevin Clarke & Lionel Hubert.
The tracks coming from old audio cassettes, we have chosen to keep the defects of the tapes so as not to alter the work.