Sin Fang, Sóley & Örvar Smárason
Dream Is Murder
Morr Music
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morr 185-lp / Includes Download Code
Gatefold sleeve, incl. printed inner sleeves, etching on side D, 45rpm
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11Imaginary Love 4:14
2Calling For Your Touch 6:42
3Shame 3:20
4Mandatory Love Story 3:42
5Tell Your New Lovers 6:21
6Where The Maps Run Out 3:43
7Today I Wrote Nothing 3:12
8Impossible 3:48
21Lake With No Name 4:12
2I Run Deep 3:53
3Mothership 3:38
4Afterparty 3:54

Some people say it’s the hope that kills you, but statistically dreams are responsible for a lot more casualties. The second album from the Icelandic supergroup not only acknowledges this, but celebrates it. To dream is to slowly digest oneself from the inside.

In January 2021 the team was reunited and have since been writing, recording and releasing a new song each last Friday of the month, much like they did in 2018. »Dream is Murder« is the result – a collection of all twelve songs on one album.

Sin Fang, Sóley and Örvar are all established performers, composers and producers in their own right, but the Team Dreams project is much more than the sum of its parts. Even though each of their individual fingerprints can be found all over the album, the result has a distinctive sound of its own.

The first three songs on the album display the diverse nature of the project. »Imaginary Love« is a catchy pop tune, »Calling for Your Touch« a sprawling cinematic ballad with hints of both Top Gun and Twin Peaks, and »Shame«, a gut wrenching tragedy of being born into decay. The track »Where the Maps Run« was specially recorded for Amnesty International in Iceland and given as a part of Amnesty’s 60 year anniversary.

The artwork was conjured up by Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir and is as much a part of the whole as the music. Each song was accompanied by a resin sculpture, with leftovers from dreams and daily life cast and preserved within. The music takes up three sides of the 2xLP and the fourth and final side holds an exquisite etching.