Michael Chapman
And Then, There Were Three
Live At The Notthingham Playhouse July 1977
Lantern Rec.
Edition of 500 copies, 180g vinyl
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1In The Valley
2Rock 'N Roll Jigley/Party Pieces
3Kodak Ghosts
4The Hero Returns
5Among The Trees
6Dog's Got More Sense
7How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times & Live?
8Sea Of Wine
9It Didn't Work Out
10Times Is Tight Jones

Here’s Lantern Heights’ personal tribute to the one and only Michael Chapman, a hero in his own right, a ‘Fully Qualified Survivor’ (just to mention one of his most successful creations). An unreleased live album on vinyl in the form of an astonishing trio.” A live set recorded at Nottingham’s Playhouse Theatre on July 23rd 1977 by Chapman and a power house rhythm section in Lindisfarne bassist Rod Clements and former John Mayall drummer Keef Hartley. Some of his best-loved songs are showcased in “And There Were Three” – a jocular reference to Chapman’s ever-shrinking band, also known as ‘a beast with three heads’.