Rian Treanor
Planet Mu
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1ATAXIA_A1 3:58
2ATAXIA_A2 4:55
3ATAXIA_B1 4:29
4ATAXIA_B2 3:27
5ATAXIA_C1 5:56
6ATAXIA_C2 3:29
7ATAXIA_D1 4:34
8ATAXIA_D2 3:57
9ATAXIA_D3 4:06

Rian Treanor is the son of Mark Fell and thanks to his super sharp sound design you can actually hear that. Nevertheless his debut album for Planet Mu (after EP's for The Death Of Rave) has quite a different energy level. Or, as a friend said: "This is like SND in a gabber mode." Also footwork, early computer music & garage have left some traces in Treanors debut LP. The label info states a musical connection to his hometown Sheffield: " From Cabaret Voltaire to Warp and beyond; the sound of his city has been, and is, an integral part of his musical development and is still a direct influence."