OST / David Shire
The Conversation
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1Theme From The Conversation
2The End Of The Day
3No More Questions Phoning The Director
4Blues For Harry (Combo)
5To The Office The Elevator
6Whatever Was Arranged
7The Confessional
8Amy's Theme
9Dream Sequence
10Plumbing Problem
11Harry Carried
12The Girl In The Limo
13Finale & End Credits
14Theme From 'The Conversation' (Ensemble)
15Theme From The Conversation
16The End Of The Day
17No More Questions Phoning The Director
18Blues For Harry (Combo)
19To The Office The Elevator
20Whatever Was Arranged
21The Confessional
22Amy's Theme
23Dream Sequence
24Plumbing Problem
25Harry Carried
26The Girl In The Limo
27Finale & End Credits
28Theme From 'The Conversation' (Ensemble)

Trunk Records (Basil Kirchin, Delia Derbyshire) release David Shire’s score for Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 flick The Conversation. Shire’s music for the film marked the beginning of a shift in the world of film scoring. Eschewing the large orchestras favoured by many of his predecessors, Shire largely wrote this music for solo piano. When he did opt to include more instruments he confined himself to a small jazz ensemble. This paring back brings an intimacy to Shire’s compositions that only adds to their curiously seductive air.