Isotope 217°
The Unstable Molecule
Thrill Jockey
LP (blue)
THRILL049 / Includes Download Code
2022 Repress
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1Kryptonite Smoke The Red Line
2Beneath The Undertow
3La Jetee
5Prince Namor
6Audio Boxing

Isotope 217 is made up of Dan Bitney, John Herndon, and Jeff Parker from Tortoise along with Rob Mazurek (Chicago Underground, Exploding Star Orchestra), and Matt Lux (Iron & Wine).

This is the band's 1997 debut, here reissued on blue vinyl. »The Unstable Molecule« is a best seller from Thrill Jockey’s early days and is finally back on vinyl for a whole new generation to experience,

"Drawing from free jazz, hard bop, funk, dub and post-rock, without resulting in some featureless muddle or lifeless ‘fusion’, the group’s aesthethic simultaneously recalls different aspects of early 70s musical experimentation: The Art Ensemble of Chicago, Bitches Brew/On the Corner-era Miles Davis, and vintage King Tubby. Isotope 217 don’t merely assemble these diverse elements in one place, but rather explore the common ground that already underlies them: a shared emphasis on texture, timbre, space, and groove" - The Wire