Anestis Logothetis
Electroacoustic works 1960-80
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5LP Box Set
Edition of 500 numbered copies w/ 32-page booklet
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1Technische Probe (Darmstadt)
3Klaviertang Und Elektronik
4Rotasgerausche Zu Meditation
5Farbiges Rauschen 1 (Wien)
6Farbiges Rauschen 2 (Wien)
7Farbiges Rauschen 3 (Wien)
8Farbiges Rauschen 4 (Wien)
9Farbiges Rauschen 5 (Wien)
10Echtzeitcomputermusik (EMS Stockholm)
11Studie (EMS Stockholm)
12Schussel (EMS Stockholm)
14Spatzenmono (EMS Stockholm)
16Vampire 2
17Tang D Knackeweg Reservetone Fur Aufnahme Kyklopia 1
18Knalle & Sinustone
19Knalle & Sinustone 2
20Farbiges Rauschen 6
21Kleine Parallaxe
22Kleine Parallaxe 2#
25Fantasmata & Wellenformen Mix

Anestis Logothetis (1921-1994) is known as one of the leading pioneers of 20th century composition.

His graphic notation system, developed around 1958, is a milestone in the evolution of musical notation. Logothetis employs this system to different ways of imprinting the contemporary sound on the score in order to express the sense of space in musical notation and redefine the roles of the composer, the performer and the audience, during the composition and performance of a piece.

This 5LP Box-Set with large 32 page booklet covers a selection of his electroacoustic works composed between 1960 and 1980.