Tot Onyx
Senno I
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1Voice Calling 2:26
2A Leaf Laughs 5:15
3Inhabitants Of Brain 6:58
4A-H5N1 3:17
5Ishi Rhythm 1:03
6Maggots 4:14
7Plague 7:04
8The Me, That Is Not Me, That Is Me 4:07

Things that don't exist, that don't seem to exist, or we don't believe exist, might be the only things that actually exist. Things that i always believed that existed, seem to be an illusion. And things that i always denied the existence of in the past, seem to be what shape reality and rule the world. But what is reality? And what is illusion? Is the reality i am seeing the same as yours? Perhaps not.

”Senno I” is the solo debut album by Tot Onyx aka Tommi Tokyo, who has been a founding member of the Japanese performance art/live electronics duo group A since 2012. They incorporated the use of the body in their noise & poetry-performances and they made some resonating appearances at festivals like Berlin Atonal. Adept at bending expectations, both live and recorded, the band’s formative early work echoes the experiential vocabulary in which Tommi continues to develop today. A practice in the rejection of tradition and cliché, which in Greil Marcus's words, "Share the principles of negation, rebellion, destruction and détournement”.

Tommi Tokyo has worked in graphic design and photography and has worked for theatre and other forms of stage arts. Tot Onyx is her deeply personal project which shares the founding energies of group A, but is traveling deeper and elsewhere. This is a rich study of her interior life.