Loke Rahbek & Frederik Valentin
Buy Corals Online
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1Somersault 3:43
2You Come With 5:24
3World in Camouflage 3:08
4A Million Coloured Fish 6:08
5Who is Love Now? 3:18
6Garden Tattoo 2:44
7A Woman Without 5:21
8Buy Corals Online 2:52

First outing for this collaborative effort from the prolific Posh Isolation mainstay Loke Rahbek and Frederik Valentin of KYO, also on the revered Danish label. As old friends circling around the same scene this is the first time they have combined their respective perspectives. The results are an ambitious aquatic infused audio environment. Recorded near water at Valentin’s studio within the vicinity of the new aquarium in Copenhagen, Buy Corals Online channels the sensual floating aspects of such environments.

“During Japan’s Edo period (1615–1868) the phrase "the floating world" (ukiyo) evoked an imagined universe of wit, stylishness, and extravagance—with overtones of naughtiness, hedonism, and transgression. Implicit was a contrast to the humdrum of everyday obligation. The concept of the floating world began in the Japanese heartland, migrated eastward, and came to full flower in Edo (present-day Tokyo), where its main venues were popular Kabuki theaters and red-light districts.” - Wikipedia

Buy Corals Online arrives as a suite of works embracing the joy of being close to something you don’t require interaction in order to experience. This enchanting aquatic infused audio hovers a sensual world rich in sensory experience. Loke Rahbek & Frederik Valentin’s debut outing conjurer's a world both sensual and abstract as it moves casually alongside fantasy.

Recorded 2016 & 2017, Copenhagen S, Natfabrikken; Mastered & Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, Germany 2017