J. Carter
Speak, You Also
A Sunken Mall
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Embossed cardboard sleeve, insert
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1Keep Yes and No Unsplit 1:32
2Give It the Shade 5:26
3Midday and Midday and Midnight 5:02
4Look How It All Leaps Alive 2:18
5He Speaks Truly Who Speaks the Shade 1:11
6Now Shrinks the Place Where You Stand 1:27
7A Thread By Which It Wants To Be Lowered, The Star 5:52
8Where It Sees Itself Glitter On Sand Dunes 3:28
9Of Wandering 4:45

When we can no longer move forward or look outward, some reflect and seek truth in themselves – some sharing, through the language of music, what might be impossible to say through words.

Amidst the budding tempest of 2020, Jeremiah Carter, hailing originally from Tennessee, found himself embroiled in a near suffocating air of uncertainty and anxious tension, mainly brought upon by the first spikes in a soon-to-be worldwide pandemic.

Only having recently relocated to the bustling city of New York, an unprecedented series of events took shape over the following months, isolating and dismaying the citizens around the globe in the process. It was during this time that Jeremiah turned his attention to music, discharging the emotional turmoil surrounding him, into a substantial wealth of newly composed work.

Beginning with the album »Rejoice«, which was completed in the wake of 2020 and released on A Sunken Mall that same year, two more albums took shape in a quasi-self-induced creative tremor, one that soon materialized a wealth of work, forming a triptych of three unique albums, produced within the span of only 6 months.

Finally, presented here is the second stage of the final triptych; »Speak, You Also«, dedicated to Paul Celan and giving us further insight into the heart of a beloved southerner, who amidst being tangled in the mesh of crisis, passion and communication, gave rise to a momentous yet equally timeless neoclassical body of work.