Roberto Musci & Giovanni Venosta
A Noise, A Sound
Gatefold Sleeve
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1Keep Tree Funeral March
2Dusty Zebra
3Tu Ce L'hai Gia - You've Already Got It
4When A Dolphin Saves A Baby
6Other Lullabies
7Breathless Melody
8The Snout In The Dark
10A Larian Symphony: From Perry Como To Edgar Varese
11Two Freaks In Rawalpindi
12The Umbrella's Angle, 2nd Variation
13Extreme Fringes Of The World Music Trades Union
14A Tale For C

Soave present a reissue of Roberto Musci and Giovanni Venosta's A Noise, A Sound, originally released in 1992. The third episode of the alchemical association between Roberto Musci and Giovanni Venosta, reprinted for the first time. This work seems to be even more enigmatic than the previous ones. The "plunderphonics" style of the compositional process, significant to allowing a technical experimentalism of inexhaustible variety of materials used (compendium of sounds, harmonies, ethnic timbres) and the infinite possibilities of assembly between non-sense and provocation, still remains. You might be almost stimulated to guess -- in the articulated sound architectures of the tracks -- every single fragment of popular or cultured music from every part of the world (Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America) related to the ad hoc inserts of polyphonic instrumentation distorted and dazed. The music expressed is basically a polyhedral pataphysical gaze on the complexity of the existing, an immersion in the contradictory forces of reality; the attentive listener will be able to recognize the tortuous and magical lines of a free and imaginative artistic creation, which is absolutely counter-current and unconventional. Comes in gatefold sleeve.