Radar Of Small Dogs
Yellow Electric
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1Loved By You
2Little Audrey
3Don't Know Why
4Thinkin' About You
5Tape Machine
6Windy Day
9Spins You 'Round
10Mary Had A Steamboat
11Tender Shoots
13Splash Yre Jewels
14Kills All My Fun
15Relic (Live)
16Hedgehogs (Live)

Late 1980’s to early 90’s guitar pop/rock n roll band from Dunedin, New Zealand. Stephen featured David Kilgour, Alf Danielson, Geoff Hoani, and Stephen Kilroy.

Formed by David Kilgour after The Clean first split. They released an EP on Flying Nun records in 1988 as a three piece, later added another guitarist and recorded for a record that didn’t happen. Remastered, rescued and compiled for this release. New art and liner notes, insert with prev. unseen photos and fliers. Tracks from the Dumb EP, Radar of Small Dogs, as well as studio tracks from sessions towards the never-completed LP.

Interview with David Kilgour about the band coming up in the next Maggot Brain issue.

"Stephen Kilroy recently reminded me that my idea for the band was to have no aspirations, apart from making new music, and that it was a casual experiment. I’d forgotten that. I remember having a long break after the Clean first split. I wanted to keep making music in a low-key way, and with other musicians I could write and share the spotlight with. I’ve always wanted to be in someone else’s band." - David Kilgour, from the Maggot Brain interview.