my seat and weep
deis 8
300 copies
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1but not in this room
2my seat and weep
3yellow leaf flutters on a nail
4petals (with Emile Frankel)
5you take each others breath away by doing something or saying something you never saw coming
6more room to breathe in (with Angelina Nonaj)
7picnic – dyed in the wool
8a healing tear (with Abby Sundborn)

‘J’ (ju ca, picnic etc) disquieting debut “my seat and weep” suspends itself on the periphery of desire. Its soft whisper like residue, movement, gesture, experience. “my seat and weep” (deis, 8) features picnic, Emile Frankel, Angelina Nonaj and Abby Sundborn.

The CD edition (deis, 8.1) includes remixes, reinterpretations, and collaborations with Laila Sakini, Angelina Nonaj, Harriet Jones, Fia Fiell, Nico Callaghan, Grace Ferguson and mu tate.

Mastered by Shy (3XL) Artwork by Hanne Boulanger, Angelina Nonaj

From the artist: “It might settle around, never accepting or offering itself like a handful of water that holds its shape even as some leaks between the fingers. Its hardness holds no moisture. The stillness has no give, no reflection of the other. In this case at least it’s not even a coldness. That would imply disdain. The silent flowering of each word printed on the page before you. Like a word thought before it is spoken, or a note that is less sound than an exhalation"...