Lieven Martens
the Habu
Poole Music
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1Prelude (a fragmentary, oriental dream)6:37
2Suite sentimentale e mini-male I 2:18
3Suite sentimentale e mini-male II 4:03
4Suite sentimentale e mini-male III 2:15
5the Habu snake, an archipelago I 3:54
6the Habu snake, an archipelago II 1:06
7the Habu snake, an archipelago III 1:23
8the Habu snake, an archipelago IV 3:42
9the Habu snake, an archipelago V 2:46
10the Habu snake, an archipelago VI 1:55
11the Habu snake, an archipelago VII 1:45
12the Habu snake, an archipelago VIII 2:47

Poole Music is thrilled to announce its inaugural commission, the Habu, the latest full-length from Belgium’s Lieven Martens. For the better part of two decades, Martens has been expanding his Aloha-bedecked musical vision, transitioning from the basement tape environments of his Dolphins into the Future project to the rich compositional tapestries of more recent post-exotica modernist works.

the Habu represents a true culmination of these identities in one of his most ambitious works to date. The album’s three pieces cast an omniverous net that explores those fragile tendriles between imagined and real, natural and fabricated, unity and chaos; concrete sounds enabling abstract inner landscapes. It is the built environment sonically personified, whether in the halls of guilded palaces or in the prolific mating ritual of a serpent. Martens’ the Habu eschews the expanses of the music travelogue in favor of a more psychological, psychedelic journey. About face.