Various Artists
All Welcome Volume 3
Good Morning Tapes
Edition of 500 copies
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1Yama Yuki – Bucharest
2Nueen – Eclipse
3Saphileaum – Arif
4Salamanda – Planting a Blue Velvet
5Pataphysical – Xochitl
6Angel Hunt – Skulp Haunt

Third almanac from Good Morning Tapes, plucking exclusive pearls by label regulars Pataphysical, Nueen, Salamanda, Angel Hunt, Yama Yuki and Saphileaum, for the good of your health.

Continuing to provide succour for stressed energies with their latest volume of the hugely collectable "All Welcome” series, volume 3 opens with an exclusive addition to São Paolo-based Yama Yuki’s impressionistic projection of ‘Inverted Cities’ with the elegant froth of ‘Bucharest’, and sashes thru the lilting synthetic thumb piano and midi flute melodies on the 4th world charmer of ‘Eclipse’ by Nueen, to take in shoreside Balearic atmospheres in the rolling congas and warm breeze of Saphileaum’s ‘Arif’, and the Far Eastern environmental music of S. Korea’s Salamanda on ‘Planting a Blue Velvet’

Pataphysical follow that quietly unmissable ‘Hapticality’ tape with another arpeggiated pearl on ‘Xochitl’, this time sounding something like Bola’s classique 'Forcasa 3’, before Angel Hunt’s ’Skulp Haunt’, ends things off with a smudged tripped pop energy, like a heat-haze inversion of Massive Attack’s ‘Karmacoma’.