Va Piano
Cimiotti Recordings
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1Listening 2:18
2Black Diamond 3:43
3In the Courtyard 2:30
4Va Piano 4:21
5No Home 2:39
6Un Giorno 2:06
7Cold Fish 3:44
8Blue is the Color 2:51
9Opulent 4:03
10Ram Dass 4:14

Cimiotti began when Paul Collins walked out of his local synth store with a copy of Light in the Attic’s box set, “I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age Music in America 1950-1990”. The collection maps out a musical history of American new age music that he had previously overlooked. Central to this movement was the idea that music production itself was a form of meditation. The music glowed. It left him feeling deeply rooted and calm.

Paul purchased a Tascam four track, and he got to work on a series of recordings that combined his love for Kosmiche, new age, experimental, and ambient music, as well as the minimalist guitar work of Loren Connors. The result was “Research Vol.1”, released in the winter of 2014 on Cimiotti Recordings as an edition of ten tapes--three were sold. Cimiotti has been making small run cassettes ever since, utilizing the limited scale to make music that is deeply personal, and free from genre restraints.

“Va Piano” is Cimiotti’s first long player, as well as the label’s first vinyl pressing. Recorded in Southern Italy, and Jackson Heights, NY, “Va Piano” showcases a variety of musical approaches. From solo electric guitar work, to immersive synthesizer tapestries, to narcotic ballads. It’s a grounded and sometimes brooding listen. For fans of The Durutti Column, Roedelius, and Townes Van Zandt.