Girlie / Pigeon
Girlie / Pigeon
Späti Palace
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1Girlie – Terms & Conditions 7:04
2Girlie – Girlie Youth 3:37
3Girlie – Interregnum 3:14
4Pigeon – Bird Migration 5:02
5Pigeon – Douglas 4:24
6Pigeon – Skids 3:41

The first 12 inch release by Berliner label Späti Palace sees them team up with the Flennen collective from Berlin and Numavi Records from Vienna. Two bands, 6 songs and almost 30 minutes of guitar-laden post-punk pop with a dose of kraut on top, this is the result of the collaborative atmosphere which permeates their local scene in Berlin, borne out of necessity and passion, beautifully showcasing a vibrant underground scene.

Girlie's melodic-frenetic pop-noise is perfected on Interregnum with opener Terms & Conditions showcasing their recent love-affair with krautrock which has by now become a live classic of theirs.

Pigeon's more direct post-punk approach is a powerhouse display with driving bass riffs and a wall of guitar noise, albeit of the melodic and controlled kind. Darker in places, as in closing track Skids, it's middle track Douglas that steals the limelight, never getting carried away with its own euphoria, and leaving you wanting more.