New York, April-July 2013 / Two Names Upon The Shore
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1New York, June 29th 2013 4:24
2New York, May 30th 2013 0:56
3New York, April 26th 2013 3:45
4New York, July 8th 2013 0:39
5New York, June 3rd 2013 2:31
6New York, May 25th 2013 0:51
7Unexpected Warmth 4:50
8A Hundred Other Longings 3:00
9Abalone on the Grass 4:08

Bosaina is a Syrian/Egyptian singer, songwriter & producer known for her work in the Kairo Is Koming Collective as well as her involvement in music-space-turned-club-night VENT.

Her autobiographical work takes on a magical insular quality through field recordings and sentimentally driven compositions that unfold in stolen time. On both EPs presented here, her love affair with cinema, interrupted by decaying urban life (New York April-July 2013) and literature (Two Names Upon The Shore) serve as the focal points for her intimate productions; fragmented and wistful soundscapes that combine her affection for the piano with ambient textures from seashore to life underground.

NOTE: This record comes presented as two EPs, one per side on a 12" LP.