David Toop / Peter Cusack / Steve Beresford / Terry Day
Sub Rosa
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1Alterations I 18:14
2Alterations II 18:00

Never released before recordings from Logos Foundation live sessions at Logos Foundation, January 3, 1981.

The music is free-improvisation - that is we make our music co-operatively while playing : by listening, reacting, throwing in new ideas, not by following preplanned schemes. At its simplest the group's intention can be said to be to play together as well as possible and to enjoy ourselves while doing so. We are very interested in the result and intend that the audience is as well. As well as the musicians reacting to each other the music itself is pretty reactive to context. In other words room acoustics, background noise, audience response have a strong effect on what happens. This is particularly true of the audience. We have done performances where conversation has broken out with some audience members. There is much to see as well as hear - this is partly to do with the instruments. Together Terry, Steve and David have hundreds, all sizes, all sorts, most colours. They completely cover the floor. Many of these are non-western. The wide range of instruments means that an extremely broad sound spectrum is covered, from sudden bangs to very quiet low notes, from squeaks to normal guitar sounds. This is what fixes the overal group sound.

David Toop: Flute, home-made reeds, percussion Peter Cusack: Guitar Steve Beresford: Piano, Small Instruments Terry Day: Percussion, home-made reeds

Logos Foundation, located in Ghent, is a unique professional organisation for the promotion of new music and audio-related arts by means of new music production, concerts, performances, composition, technological research and other activities related to contemporary music. This organisation has been founded in 1968 by Godfried-Willem Raes.