Nika Son
V I S 16
Edition of 300 numbered copies
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1Bats eating flags 3:01
2Trinsar Gobble 4:30
3Fontäne 0:56
4Scattered sprinkle, no turn 12:32
5See 3:36
6It’s just a cucumber 4:06
7subiendo 1:14
8Echos of Insomnia 3:08
9La nuit tombe 5:10
10dis5eti 1:23
11Gelbes Feld 4:09

»Aslope« is Nika Son’s second album after her debut in 2020 and brings together various compositions from the past three years.

Even though the album doesn't address a consistent theme throughout, it is the night and its capability to shift our perception and memory, that link the pieces together. Some of the tracks are extracted from multi-sound installations, sound video works or radio pieces created in recent years and reworked into autonomous pieces.

Nika Breithaupt alias Nika Son works as a musician, artist, film composer, curator and DJ, after graduating in Fine Arts in Hamburg, Germany in 2012. In her music, video- and soundworks she examines multi-sensory perception and its interaction, but also forms of manipulation.

Influenced by Musique Concrète and the outer space of electronic music, she plays with de-contextualised concrete sounds, interwoven with digital and analog synthesis, broken rhythms, rare voice scraps and modulated tape. Sounds of various origin are translated into a very unusual musical language, as if one watches the audible.