Rozi Plain
Memphis Industries
LP (clear)
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1Agreeing For Two 4:45
3Help 3:52
4Proof Youre Good 5:05
6Painted The Room 4:13
8Spot Thirteen
9Standing Up

Don't ask Rozi Plain to explain her spellbinding fifth album »Prize«. Its ten, magical tracks exist as if in another realm, where feelings matter more than meanings, where thoughts have room to roam and where you can live in the moment for as long as you like. Rozi"s signature, free-floating sound was set with her 2015 breakthrough »Friend« and cemented with 2019"s globally adored »What A Boost.«

»Prize« builds on both, but takes its cues from elsewhere. By a stretch, it"s Rozi"s most upbeat and daring album to date. Electroncia, jazz and saxophone treated to sound like strings, synths and harp all play a part. Economy is key - every sound has an impact out of proportion to its size, every texture pays dividends. Rozi"s bewitching vocals are bolder and brighter than ever before. Male and female backing vocals feel like friends dropping by.