Spencer Doran
SEASON: A letter to the future
Original Soundtrack
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1Doran Spencer – Title Screen
2Doran Spencer – Estelle’s House
3Doran Spencer – “We all rested together until it got dark…”
4Doran Spencer – Village Sleep Music Instrument
5Doran Spencer – Caro Village
6Doran Spencer – Mountain Air Instrument
7Doran Spencer – The Road out of Caro
8Doran Spencer – Cycling in the Rain
9Doran Spencer – Lulkanto Op. 34 (Music Box)
10Doran Spencer – Tieng, Through the Mist
11Doran Spencer – Tieng Winds
12Doran Spencer – Wind Harp
13Doran Spencer – Cemetery
14Doran Spencer – Sophon’s Lament
15Doran Spencer – Morning Song - Azen Islands (Radio)
16Doran Spencer – De belles choses vues à travers une vitre sale (Radio)
17Doran Spencer – Matyora’s Song
18Doran Spencer – Mom (Dream)
19Doran Spencer – Ascending to the Shrine
20Doran Spencer – The Golden Bells - “Leave Your Coats on the Bed”
21Doran Spencer – Easel’s Prayer
22Doran Spencer – The Seaside
23Doran Spencer – Credits

Composed and produced over the course of nearly three years, Spencer Doran’s original soundtrack for 'SEASON: A letter to the future' underpins the highly-anticipated meditative exploration game in which the main character must save memories of a civilization on the verge of collapse. A lush collection of transmissions from this warmly fading world, we hear a culture and ecology through the sentimental ear of their last witness.