As The Love Continues
Rock Action Records
2LP (gold)
ROCKACT140LPX3 / Includes Download Code
gatefold sleeve
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1To The Bin My Friend, Tonight We Vacate Earth
2Here We, Here We, Here We Go Forever
3Dry Fantasy
4Ritchie Sacramento
5Drive The Nail
6Fuck Off Money
7Ceiling Granny
8Midnight Flit
9Pat Stains
10Supposedly, We Were Nightmares
11It's What I Want To Do, Mum

"As the Love Continues" is the tenth studio album by Scottish post-rock band Mogwai, to be released on 19 February 2021 on Rock Action Records, exactly 25 years after the release of Mogwai's first single, "Tuner/Lower".

"...what we are presented with here is a beautifully coherent album that manages to push the music of Mogwai further into new territories whilst retaining their core ideals. It really is a joy to see a band this far along still manage this balancing act of progression and tradition, a balancing act only a few bands have ever managed." (Simon Tucker)