For Wind Poetry
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printed j-card, 100 copies
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1Reborn (+ Felt) 4:58
2Mistpouffer 7:36
3Circulation 4:11
41/f 1:52
5For Long Tomorrow 5:22
6For Wind Poetry I 3:44
7For Wind Poetry II 2:40
8Nowhere 5:18
9Because I Hear You 6:30

Starting in 2019 with ‘Life In A Shell’, the then new and upcoming Japanese producer yolabmi lay the foundation for a triptych of releases on Vaknar in the span of 3 years, all of which formed an ongoing sonic interrogation with his own past, while also consequentially reflecting on his growth as an composer and individual.

The final stage of this album triptych, ‘For Wind Poetry’, once again underpins the natural world of yolabmi’s past with the technocratic eccentricity of his present self, yet rather than letting his matured proficiency over his modular synthesizer reign throughout the span of the album, yolabmi chooses to end this chapter via an introspective sonic long-form of redemptive stimulation.