The Body
I Shall Die Here / Earth Triumphant
Rvng Intl
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2LP (white)
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1To Carry The Seeds of Death Within Me 6:30
2Alone All The Way 5:23
3The Night Knows No Dawn 7:38
4Hail Thee_Everlasting Pain 5:58
5Our Souls Were Clean 5:23
6Darkness Surrounds Us 9:05
7Our New Genesis 5:36
8No Sadness in the Many 5:19
9A Testament to Willingness 7:36
10A Cloud Broke Open 4:11
11Wind on the Ocean, Wind on the Trees 3:28
12Death at a Great Distance 7:47

»I Shall Die Here / Earth Triumphant« is an expanded edition of the fourth full-length album by The Body, first released to widespread acclaim, and terror, in 2014. Sharing their moribund vision with Bobby Krlic, aka The Haxan Cloak, the tried and true sound of The Body is mutilated by process and re-animated in a spectral state on »I Shall Die Here«. This double album set is expanded with the previously unreleased »Earth Triumphant«, a full-length companion album that would become »I Shall Die Here«, showcasing The Body’s brutality in its most primal form. With both albums revisited by The Body and Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets and remastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis Studios, this is the definitive edition of a shocking classic of unbridled bleakness and innovation.

Formed by drummer Lee Buford and guitarist Chip King in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1999, The Body soon relocated to Providence, Rhode Island. The duo remained in Providence for a decade before moving west to their current home of Portland, Oregon. Their debut self-titled album (Moganano, 2003) and on the widely-acclaimed, classification curtailing of »All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood« (At A Loss, 2011) readied the band for even more experimentations.

On behalf of The Body, The Haxan Cloak, and RVNG Intl., a portion of the proceeds from this release will benefit Intransitive, an organization that works to advance the cause of Trans liberation in Arkansas through art, education, advocacy, organizing and culture in order to create effective systemic change and on-the-ground impact.