Francis Bebey
Psychedelic Sanza 1982-1984
Born Bad
Incl. printed inner sleeves
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1Francies Bebey – Sanza nocturne 5:51
2Francies Bebey – Bissau 3:39
3Francies Bebey – Sanza tristesse 3:46
4Francies Bebey – Africa Sanza 4:59
5Francies Bebey – Forest Nativity 4:24
6Francies Bebey – Sunny Crypt 2:14
7Francies Bebey – Binta madiallo 6:43
8Francies Bebey – Tumu pakara 4:46
9Francies Bebey – Di saegi 6:33
10Francies Bebey – Ngoma likembe 5:08
11Francies Bebey – Guinée 9:02

Special compilation from Parisian re-issue kings, Born Bad, of the late Cameroonian master musician, Francis Bebey. This is the material we were hoping would follow the excellent comp from last year. Amazing 'universal' music currently only available on expensive originals. Double album with printed innersleeve.