A Strange Wedding
Black Magic Rituals
Worst Records
EP (color)
Orange marbled vinyl
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1Black Magic Rituals
2Twenty Four Hours Rotations
3Through The Black Hole
4The Super Slow Hyperspeed Fractals

Demented dub meets Donato Dozzy? For the seventh release of the Worst collection, our infamous A Strange Wedding takes a deep turn on the great unknown. Keeping in mind the « ritual » and « cosmic » adjectives often associated with his music, he built a mystical artifact fallen from the skies, quite litterally indeed. « Black Magic Rituals » is a wizzard's book full of smart spells to open the space and time continuum. Whether it is made of shimmering stratospheric soundscapes or built in between constellations of the inner world, A Strange Wedding goes beyond his own forms to explore half-step industrial leftfield dub as well as mental-driven deep techno. Oscillating from far distances to intimate odes to infinity, this crystal maze of sharp music stands as a useful toolbox for total mind liberation, and marks a step even forward into's A Strange Wedding sonic journey. To be continued, of course.