Foam and Sand
Full Circle Reworks
Includes Instant Download
Edition of 150 copies, risograph printed o-card
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1Circle 23 - Slow Meadow Rework 5:24
2Circle 26 - Tom Ashbrook Rework 3:40
3Circle 24 - Birds Of The West Rework 2:35
4Circle 18 - Hainbach Rework 2:57
5Circle 9 - Arms and Sleepers Rework 4:09
6Circle 27 - Julien Marchal Rework (feat. Delhia de France)3:02
7Circle 2 - Alaskan Tapes Rework 3:23
8Circle 19 - Midori Hirano Rework 3:07
9Circle 9 - Six Missing Rework 3:25

Foam and Sand is the ambient soundscape and visual project of award-winning composer and conceptual artist, Robot Koch. Inspired by the composer’s daily habit of meditation, ideas for the project started to take shape during the lockdown of 2020. Using tape recordings of slowed-down pianos, modular synths, and other sonic sources, »Full Circle« is a collection of 16 warm and organic ambient tracks.

»Full Circle Reworks« comes with an international selection of some of the most interesting and upcoming names in the ambient/electronic/modern classical community: Midori Hirano, Hainbach, Slow Meadow, Alaskan Tapes, Tom Ashbrook, Arms and Sleepers, Birds Of The West, Julien Marchal and Six Missing.