Deutsch Nepal
Vol. 1
Mecanica Records
6LP Box Set
Edition of 535 copies w/ postcards, sticker & certificate
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11Deflagration Of Hell
2Execursioner Angel
3Holistix - Links between God and Human
4Glimpses Of War Part. I & II
5The Heirophants Of Light
6Energy - Not Orgasm
21Impassive Metal Sex
2Angel Impact
3Benevolence (Of The Fittest God)
4The Fire Within My Cold Heart
5Carrions Still Walkin’
31Horses Give Birth To Flies
2Manual To Utilization
3Chip Chop
4The Eagles Gift
41Benevolence -92
2Thomas 29 Needles
3World Mirror
4Gouge Free Market
5Tender Lover
6Pain Is The Language We Use
7The Phlegethon Fish
8Auto Gamic Drummers
2Surgery II
3Faint Retard
4Collapsing Surface
5How Low…
6You're Just A Toy
61Bausteine Der Zukunft
3Master Of Disguises
4Razor In Motion
5We Are The Angels (Gabriel)
6Poison Free Market

Peter Andersson, aka Lina Baby Doll, is the man that sustain the heavy structure behind Deutsch Nepal. A legend in the scene of industrialism, avant-garde, music and art in general. He is capable to re-create and re-design old school industrial and electronica, taking elements from apparently dissimilar concepts such as Dadaism and Tribalism, or “contradictory” ideas such as Heathenry and Christianity and converge them into a typical cocktail blend that characterises a unique and now famous style. Manic rhythmic redundancies, strange indefinable samplers, metallic sounds, distorted guitar chords are common elements found in all his works. His main goal?. Mesmerize the listener to subjugate the mind and put the spirit into reverberation mode.

It is difficult to reduce his works to a simple description. All of them seem to be the evolution of an early idea, a baby that grows old, getting monstrous and divine while doing so. The music itself is a never ending universal paradox in where beats and rhythms have a primary role. Deutsch Nepal is surreal landscapes strongly conducted and cut through with the violent and precise pounding of the repetitive aspect of percussion. It’s a black and white obsession, changing shapes and tonality.

This boxset compiles the first five albums released by Deutsch Nepal throughout the 90’s (“Deflagration of Hell”, “Benevolence”, “Tolerance”, “¡Comprendido!... Time Stop! ...And World Ending” and “Erosion”) plus an extra record (“Dystopian Selection”) with a selection of tracks taken from old compilations. Limited edition of 535 copies with six vinyl records in individual sleeves, three postcards set, numbered certificate and a sticker.