The Focus Group
Stop-Motion Happening
Ghost Box
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1CineToneOne 0:17
2Arpington Main 1:19
3The Brand Spanking NOW 0:50
4Local Computer 0:46
5Rotaty Vision 1:25
6Village of Numbers 0:55
7Hazy Time 1:23
8Refractional 0:52
9Stage Craft and Screens 1:08
10The Hazy Whom 1:07
11The Pseudo Star 1:09
13Medium in the Mirror 6:50
14Sir John Pepper 0:59
15Stop Motion Happening 2:25
16Other Scene 0:59
17Wurlitzer Wheez 3:47
18Rendering the Forests 1:16
19Kinodrome KOOLAID 0:50
20New Toytown Walk 3:55
21Pepper's Code 0:39
22The Gone Outside 1:22
23We Are Becoming Real 0:24
24New Town Exit 2:06
25CineToneSineOff 0:15

The Focus Group return with a dreamlike kaleidoscope. Like the zonked soundtrack to a disorientating Saturday morning kid’s show with strange animations, fun facts, your poetry and all the latest pop-psych sounds.