Anthony Child
Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle Vol. 2
Editions Mego
8 panel digipak
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1Open Channeling 6:31
2Truth Is Healing 6:40
3Old Technology 6:03
4I Remember 4:19
5Amoré 6:26
6Nine Personality Type Map 4:34
7Colonisation 2:47
8Super Sacred Sunday 4:27
9A Nightfall Of Diamonds 6:25
10Relational Constellations 5:22
11Cellular Reintegration 4:58
12Wyatt's Inspection 1:30
135000 Spirits 4:05
14Farthest Known Object 7:01

Anthony Child AKA Surgeon presents the second volume of recordings of Buchla Music Easel recorded in the jungle of Maui.

Again we find Child’s in a more ambient guise and setting as the calm breath of the jungle sets a real time back-drop for his electronic explorations. There is no additional layering and all environmental sounds simply ‘occurred’ throughout the improvisations. The range on display veers from melodic drones to sparkling arpeggios all revolving around a thick bed of (Buchla) electronic and (environmental) acoustic interplay. Nine Personality Type Map hovers on a bed of syncopated rhythms whilst the nearby sonic mist of the forest seeths in and out of the frame whilst Nightfall Of Diamonds provides a sonic analogy for the darkness and light contradiction that occurs only in such rich natural environments.

The simultaneous acts of improvising, listening and creating provide a rich setting for the curious listener. Another gem in a catalogue filled with gold.

Recorded in Haiku-Pauwela, Maui between 3rd Febraury and 14th February 2016