Duane Pitre
Varolii Patterns
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1Varolii Pattern 10-1 5:40
2Varolii Pattern 11-1 7:07
3Varolii Pattern 12-1 3:43
4Varolii Pattern 8-11 9:08
5Varolii Pattern 10-2 8:46
6Varolii Pattern 4-2 13:16

Duane Pitre's Varolii Patterns was made with an eight-voice synthesizer, tuned in Just Intonation. These consonant pieces explore shifting polyrhythms that slip in and out of rhythmic focus and "Common Rhythmic Pulses" that carry over as the pattern evolves within a piece.

Duane Pitre's statement:
"While experimenting with microtonal electronics for a piece I was writing for Zinc & Copper, which would eventually be titled Pons, I came across a process-based technique that I was quite keen on. Although I wouldn't use this technique on the Zinc & Copper piece, I would later implement said process to make up some of the electronics on Omniscient Voices. During this time I carried out dozens and dozens of instances of this process and recorded them all. Varolii Patterns is composed of a small collection of these recorded takes, ones I felt were stand alone pieces on their own and that worked well together as a whole."