The Purge of Tomorrow
The Other Side of Devastation
Modern Obscure Music
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1Time Moving 2:08
2Waves 2:08

Constantly evolving and adapting his sound, Shackleton has releases spanning labels such as Honest Jon’s, Perlon and his own imprints, Skull Disco and Woe to the Septic Heart!, Shackleton now finds a home for a brand new project on the Barcelona-based, Modern Obscure Music.

Undoubtedly Shackleton, but taking the meditative aspects of his sound to a new plane, The Purge of Tomorrow, is an alias born to transmit a less dancefloor-orientated experience to whomever is ready to receive it. »The Other Side of Devastation« is an investigation into a novel form of deepness.

Adverse to the reductive label of »Ambient«, these tracks are spawned from a live performance context. The essence was to create an immersive encounter where listeners are called on to actively unburden their mind of unnecessary thoughts. Staying true to the trance elements that Shackleton is renowned for, this EP is not dependent on traditional structures or a linear narrative.