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1Seduced By Each & Every Shiny Object I Became An Infant In A Sea Of Glance
2To What Human Product Precisely Are You Devoting So Much Ingenuity
3This Song Emanates From The Common Man Claiming His Right To Poetry
4Not Sensing The World, I Should Forget It's Existence & Be Forgotten By Those Who Live In It
5This Life Can Not Be All They Swear, For How Unpleasant Of It Were
6Soon The Tears In My Eyes Will Be Binding & Blessing At The Same Time
7Bodies Pressed Against Small Platforms In Institutionally Resolved Postures
8I Will Allow Myself This World Whose Wear & Tear Is Without Cure
9The Annoying Got Interesting Because The Interesting Got Annoying

Sergeant is the avant-pop band of composing cineast Benjamin Cools and search-singing actor Ferre Marnef. For a long time they only burst out exclusively on stage, but now they have gathered their sampled selves at the abyss of pop music anyway. The songs on the record sound like a »date gone wrong« between post-punk and krautrock, but mostly like the kind of indie rock that Warp thought was cool for a very brief time in the 00s.

Sergeant's debut LP is a 9 track trial & error effort. A collection of failed protest songs, dreamy and naive. Playful & self relativating pop music trying to blow up itself.