Ikea Zen EP
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1Accelerate 2:43
2Sleep Architecture 4:17
3Galactic Tetris 5:28
4Fugu 1:58
5Hazy One 4:32

N1L lurches back into cranky post-techno action on Lee Gamble’s label with the Ikea Zen EP: six tracks of deviant, obtuse dance music that brings the future to heel with X amount of noise and abstract funk.

Having the honour of inaugurating UIQ with the Wrong Headspace EP, Martin Rokis’ 2nd volley feels more pinched and nervy, rolling out with discombobulating effect akin to caffeinated browser window-hopping or being physically rendered as an algorithmic .gif or holographic projection while in the middle of the dance.

Depending on your tolerance for vertigo and motion sickness, that sense of quantum instability is entirely pleasurable or quease-inducing. Maybe we were bounced on our heads too much as kids, but we’re definitely in the former set and all up for being turned inside out.

A-side he plays with the gearbox as a Rubik’s cube in #accelerate, slipping in and out of meter and focus with bewildering diffusion of grime ballistics and gyroid vox before Sleep Architecture gets on a heavy-lidded, technoid dancehall tip veering between dreamy and dread feels, while Galactic Tetris comes off like STL tending to a flock of primitive mechanical birds.

B-side, Fugu marks the EP’s most messed-up and elusive moments, and the rickety tribalism Hazy One spirals upwards off scooping subs into heady thizz, but the best is kept in the back pocket with a full frontal mentalism called WARWARWAR which sounds exactly as frantic as the title suggests.