I'm Not A Gun
We Think As Instruments
City Centre Offices
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Towerblock 033
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1Soft Rain In The Spring 4:58
2Ripples In The Water 5:28
3Move 4:59
4Long Afternoon 5:43
5A Letter From The Past 4:09
6Rush Hour Traffic 2:48
7Unseen Moment 4:55
8Blue Garden 5:12
9As Far As Forever Goes 5:22
10Continuous Sky 5:16

We Think As Instruments perfectly describes John Tejada's and Takeshi Nishimoto's ongoing journey, exploring the possibilities of a two-piece band, bringing together delicate electronics and free-floating acoustic instruments. The tracks perfectly blend both worlds the artists originally grew up in and push the hybrid of digital tightness and soulful playfullness into a new dimension.