Sissel Wincent
Inspirational Quotes
Peder Mannerfelt
Edition of 300 copies
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1Ponytails 4:58
2Cynical 6:01
3Yellow Lines 2:42
4Still Undetermined 6:04
5Distance As Distance 4:17

Inspirational Quotes is Stockholm-based Sissel Wincent’s killer 2nd charge of buzzing techno for Peder Mannerfelt’s label. Following her recent remix of Fever Ray’s Wanna Sip, Sissel here draws further inspiration from the intersection of doomcore gabber, electronic minimalism and experimental techno to shape a rugged sound riddled with uncanny detail and unyielding arrangements, effectively articulating the idea of techno with a uniquely dry and biting attitude.

Ponytails kicks off the EP with roving kicks scanned by searchlight synths and ice cold melody recalling a below kelvin Nkisi cut, while Cynical holds that glaring sound in clenched suspense with a push and pull of jarring atonalities and shivering rhythms that resolve to a jagged, roguish trample.

On Yellow Lines Sissel swerves closer in effect to the primitivist bangers of Frak with unflinching style, but an element of trippy emotive pathos begins to creep in with the curdled synths smeared over militant steppers’ ballistics on Still Undetermined, before Distance As Distance holds her anti- banger stance with bruising, abrasive force.

Ahead of her incoming EP for SHXCXCHXCX’s Rösten label, Inspirational Quotes features some of the grittiest and unsettling techno you’ll from Scandinavia in 2018.