Various Artists
A Communion
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1Adam Badí Donoval – For Krasznahorkai 5:02
2Aleksandra Słyż – Primal Rituals: I Flare Bright 12:34
3Abigail Toll – A Cut in a Curve 7:08
4Linus Hillborg – Ghost Iterations 7:32

»A Communion« brings together an international cast of electroacoustic composers bridging connections and establishing new links between acoustic instruments, modular synthesizers and microtonal compositions.

Their mutual practices are grounded in exploring resonance through the lens of experience, intimacy and perseverance, each echoing historical motifs and fluctuating states of consciousness in their compositions.

All 4 artists were invited to submit a composition prior to participating in the Vaagner x Warm Winters LTD. Showcase at Arkaoda on the 20th of April, 2023.