La Lisana Lah
Souk Records
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1Tib Al Huroof طب الحروف 4:12
2Taqdirahu Anta - تقديره أنت 3:54
3Dijla Wal Fada_ دجلة والفضاء 3:25
4Zyadet Naqs زيادة نقص 3:47
5Watar Al Wiswas الوتر الوسواس 4:57

Always timely reissue of Muqata'a's first self-released EP from 2017. After years of fertile digital existence on his own Bandcamp, 'La Lisana Lah' now gets a much deserved tactile version through Souk, the Discrepant sublabel responsible for the already classic 'Inkanakuntu'. One of the most prominent figures of the Palestinian electronic scene, Muqata'a's trajectory has been one of resistance and urgency, leaving a sonic imprint of his own from pretty much the beginning.

Without anything tentative or vestigial about its sonic fictions, 'La Lisana Lah' deploys an arsenal of Muqata'a's traits that would be explored on subsequent releases: the glitchy thick textures verging on noise of 'Tib Al Huroof', the narcotic broken beats of 'Taqdirahu Anta' and 'Zyadet Naqs' or the alluring disruptive harmonic suspension of 'Dijla Wal Fada', everything cared for with an essential attention to space and evoking the heritage of Palestinian resistance through his use of samples and scales. A visionary from the get go.