Alabaster DePlume
International Anthem
Obi, insert, gatefold jacket stamped with metallic gold foil
2LP (red / marbled)
Obi, insert, gatefold jacket stamped with metallic gold foil, 'eye of the sun‘ color version
Tip-on jacket, booklet
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1A Gente Acaba (Vento Em Rosa)
2Don’t Forget You’re Precious
3Fucking Let Them
4The World Is Mine
5The Sound of My Feet on This Earth Is a Song to Your Spirit
6I’m Gonna Say Seven
7Do You Know A Human Being When You See One
8Visitors YT15B – Jerusalem, Palestine
9I’m Good at Not Crying
10Now (Stars are Lit)
12Mrs Calamari
13People What’s The Difference
14Visitors XT8B – Oak
15Who Is A Fool
16I Will Not Be Safe
17Visitors YT15 – Krupp Steel Condition Pivot
18Broken Like
19Now (Pink Triangle, Blue Valley)

»GOLD«, the follow-up to Alabaster DePlume's widely-acclaimed, 2020-released cinematic instrumental LP »To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals Vol. 1«, introduces the world to the artist's truest self. That is... though DePlume's now known across the globe as the saxophonist who created that collection of wonderful, wordless music, he's most known to fervent fans in his home zone of London, UK, as an outspoken poet and orator, beloved for his inspiring words of encouragement and sing-a-long-able songs about vulnerability, humanity, and courage. »GOLD« is a sprawling double album that finds DePlume expressing both sides of his artistic character beautifully: (1) an articulate singer and songwriter who invokes the melodious crooning of Donovan as much as Devendra Banhart or Syd Barrett, whose tunes are almost like mini-sermons, full of existential comedy and spiritual enlightenment; and (2) a brilliant composer of simple, soothing, and viscerally nourishing instrumental melodies, with a gift for expanding them into intrepid collective improvisations, led by a delicate and distinguished saxophone tone that conjures the fluttery sweetness of the great Ethiopique Getatchew Mekurya.