Worlding With Earth
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1Silk Song & Viridescence 6:24
2Phantom Memories, Iambic Limbs 3:11
3Dripping Marshes on Flower Skin 3:14
4Soft Montage of Hypotactic Logic 4:24
5Playfully Rendered 3:27
6Relief Forged on Ancient Plateaus 3:13
7Apricate 3:56
8Sporadic Dawning 3:33
9I Left This Planet to Return a Mist 3:00

The post-Anthropocene planet isn’t going to be one without humans. It’s going to be a planet where the interdependencies of nature and man are realigned, the lines between the organic and synthetic blur, and we ultimately become something more-than-human. The rich, mulchy sonic environments of Slowfoam’s »Worlding With Earth« are the optimistic soundtrack to this realignment, subsuming the human, natural, and synthetic into one shimmering whole. Coming together over the last three years, this luscious music is akin to damp trundles across soggy marshlands and dripping green fern forests, ambient soundscapes scattered with discernible detritus, the odd voice, the odd saxophone. Byrd found inspiration from the ‘worlding with earth’ concept of Donna Haraway, sitting at the crossroads of technoscience and ecofeminism. Its emphasis lies on collaboration with the more-than-human world.

These overtures for an imagined realm synthesise something new by blending electronic sounds with various instruments and field recordings collected in Croatia, London, and Berlin, where Slowfoam’s Madelyn Byrd is currently based. “The word synthesis itself contains a plurality of meaning,” they explain, “suggesting the combination of two disparate entities to create something new, infinitely generative.” The organic/digital beauty of this music toys with such distinctions as natural vs. artificial. Beside, as Byrd asks, “what is synthetic life but an extension of the biological ecosystems of which humanity constitutes a mere fraction?”

Enriched with subtle elements of psychedelia, hopefulness, exploration, and sorrow, Worlding without Earth comprises previously unreleased content spanning 2020 to 2023, elevated with the addition of guitar, vocals, field recordings, and contributions from Sarah Allada (including sax), breathing new ‘life’ to the sounds.