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1I 5:48
2II 8:16
3III 7:43
4IV 8:32
5V 6:46
6VI 5:48

Hailing from the small town of Debrecen, Hungary, Adam Erdei offers a tranquillising debut under his Megcsillan alias. The artist chose to disclose little detail about the album itself, which is titled Ösvényről, merely revealing that it was made with a minimal set up, comprised of acoustic instruments, delay pedals and field recordings.

Ösvényről is split into 6 parts, each piece seemingly building upon the next. It starts with gusts of foreboding reverberations, tranquil and yet static, before delicately spilling into grandiose movements, flurries of clangour, billowing tides of sonic uproar, remaining at the border between a sense of lush, overarching serenity and undulating turmoil.

In its final moments, Ösvényről comes across as almost epiphanic, evoking a cathartic sense of self reflection that very few albums are able to achieve.