Jonathan Scherk
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1A1 2:00
2A2 2:00
3A3 2:00
4A4 2:00
5A5 2:00
6A6 2:00
7B1 2:00
8B2 2:00
9B3 2:00
10B4 2:00
11B5 2:00
12B6 2:00
13B7 2:00

As his split album »It’s Counterpart« (faitiche19, 2019) made abundantly clear, Jonathan Scherk is a master of his craft. »Toon!« immerses us in a highly distinctive world of plunderphonics-sampledelica-variations acousmatiques that’s impossible to classify while feeling familiar nonetheless. Following a strict two-minute format, thirteen complex sound constructions offer a range of experiences – as if the neurosciences had developed an acoustic formula capable of triggering illusions of memory. 13 tracks = 13 déjà-vus.

When department stores dream ... epiphanies appear in elliptical rotations. Afterthoughts recalled on the beach as a child, soft-drawn and befuddling. Are they dreams? Are they metempsychotic leakage? With cup so full-brim, there’s bound to be spillage. Toon! is sleeping on-your-feet, in the light. The pleasure must be more than belletristic, but what’s left to say? Perhaps the sun is simply too bright.

Samuel Dzierzawa/Jan Jelinek, 2021