Various Artists
Comme De Loin
Blank Mind
Includes risograph insert
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1Bianca Scout – Cast
2Lack – Focus Object
3SSIEGE – Corpo Libero
4ARCADE – Icosa
5Marjolein Van Der Meer & Big Hands – Kitty Jackson
6Clara De Asis – Comme De Loin
7Sam Purcell – There Was Nothing

Put together during the first lockdown of 2020, this record explores the eerie and the dreamlike - a moment in time when reality felt like fiction; a figurative void in real life.

Translating as ‘from afar’ or ‘from a distance’, ‘Comme de Loin’ is derived from Clara de Asís’ recording; exploring the ambiguity between ‘the concrete space and the imaginary space’. This collection of music unites a diverse range of artists interconnected through an aesthetic quality, a freedom in exploring the void.

It’s 4am and I’m standing on some grass. There’s a small stone at my feet - a perfect circle on all sides - so I pick it up and walk over to the canal. He steps out from the bushes and I throw the stone into the air with as much height and backspin as I can. His shiny eyeballs roll up to watch it spinning in the black. It slows, stops, then falls to earth. When the stone hits the water there is no splash, just a short, dull thud. He doesn’t reply and skulks back into the bushes on his toes. - Jacob Dwyer