François J. Bonnet & Stephen O'Malley
Cylene II
Drag City
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1Four Rays (Anti Divide) 2:00
2Rainbows 6:09
3Vulcani di Fango 2:00
4Ghosts of Precognition 2:00
5Troisième noire 2:00
6 La ronde 2:00

»Cylene II« is the new materialization of the collaboration between François J. Bonnet & Stephen O’Malley. Initiated in 2018 and continued without interruption since then, their partnership has taken form in a myriad of contexts ranging from common practice to recording sessions, concerts and tours.

»Cylene II« bears witness to these different contexts, offering a multifaceted sound signature developed on different occasions (artist residencies in La Becque, Switzerland and Modena, Italy, live performance excerpts and a studio session at INA-GRM Studios in Paris).

The first revelation from Bonnet and O'Malley is »Rainbows«, which features guitars in duet; a sound that reaches from the deep and scales up to the far firmament in its careful motion. Great powers are signaling from a great distance, appearing in the air like mirage. Notes of mist, rays of light, silence, tectonic shift – as-above-so-below ethics, played out in remorseless song.

For the listener, »Cylene II« draws emotions viscerally from the chest, giving rise to the suggestibility of the soul. A séance of sorts for all who witness it, whether playing or listening.