Baby In Vain
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Edition of 250 copies, 180g vinyl
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1Sea Glass 2:00
2Afterlife 3:28
3Intangible 3:17
4Anyone 3:33
5Mine 4:34
6Got It in You 4:08
7Parasite 3:41
8I Hate Everything 4:14
9Living 4:35
10Home For You 3:21

Baby In Vain is a trio from Copenhagen. Benedicte on drums, Andrea on Guitar, and Lola on Guitar and vocals. There is a constant circle present in their music, whether it's the way their songs ponder from close to distant or zoomed completely out, or how their musical journey from black sabbath-ish sounds to soundtrack like folk rock songs are still connected.

Alongside the bands unique intuitive sense of interplay, that is only reachable for friends in eternity. Vocal harmonies, drums, guitars make the tools and simple scene for the album. While these tools easily could succumb to nostalgic traps Baby In Vain don't do that, they stay in their own world of togetherness and foreverness.

»Afterlife« has a heavy and forward driven sound, with guitar anthems and big string arrangements and sometimes campfire atmospheres, while Andrea and Lola's voices narrate nighttime escapades, from sipping poison cups to the morning's sobering sun rays, thinking about old lost friends and makeup texts.

»Afterlife« is Baby In Vain's third full length album and their second on Copenhagen label Escho.