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Synthetic Bird Music
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1Jonáš Gruska – Svitanie 2:36
2Dialect – Yamaha Birds pt 1 2:00
3Makakinho do Amor – La guardiana de las ondas radiales 1 2:01
4Baldruin – Sonderbare Ereignisse am Lake Hillier 2:57
5Olli Aarni – Kirkas laulu, haalea valo 4:54
6Øyvind Torvund, BIT20 Ensemble, Trond Madsen, Jørgen Træen, Kjetil Møster – Wind Up Paradise Birds 5:09
7Vic Bang – Whizz 4:10
8Grykë Pyje – A Glitch In The Jungle 3:23
9Tomutonttu – Harpusta / Tarjous 5:58
10Native Instrument – Vögel Unserer Heimat 6:36
11Hmot – Irekle Qoştar 3:43
12Artificial Memory Trace – Ptakodisk 5:46
13Floris Vanhoof – Mijn Papegaai Fluit Pure Tonen 2:42
14JAB – Aviary 1:49
15Cheryl E. Leonard – Susurrus 4:33
16Mike Cooper – The Wild Birds Of Bluesealand 6:01
17Matthias Puech – Un signe sylvestre 5:26
18Enchanted Lands – Barrockstadt feathered symphony 2:19
19Ursula Sereghy – Kolibřík 2:41
20Ecka Mordecai & Malvern Brume – Pigeon Tones for Eggflute 2:02
21Banana (Alexandra Spence & MP Hopkins) – Bird to Bottle 5:04
22Rie Nakajima – Whistle & Bag 3:46
23Martina Lussi – The Listener 4:18
24James Rushford – Clivis 2:45
25Maria Komarova – While they gathered my ears grew 4:56
26Misha Kurilov – Birds in Gutter 3:08
27Kate Carr – Three calls 6:31
28Infant – Starlings gulls doves 3:35
29Andrew Pekler – Synthetic Birdsong 5:04
30Atte Elias Kantonen – 030652_0125ꜱ12.ᴡᴀᴠ 4:08
31Kensho Nakamura – Dive woodz 5:42
32Felicity Mangan – Time Flys 2:58

When you listen to birds, they usually talk about food, sex/family, or anxiety. If they knew about the true nature of humanity's cruel and exploitative relationship with birds, they would be discussing rebellion. Humanity's current trajectory about birds is to cause the extinction of one-third of all bird species by the end of this century.

This record crystallises the borders between memory, beauty, and anxiety. At the core is an amalgam of all the birds we have met and heard, their sounds synthesised from a blend of memories. Esthetically it simulates the qualities of bird sounds, hitting similar frequential sweet spots. There is a great variety of birds captured here, from high to low frequencies, from solo voices to groups, from birds standing on their own to complex world-building, where the bird voices are part of an ecosystem, becoming one of the instruments.

You could stop there, enjoying this record on a musical level, but it invites us to do one step further, to consider reconfiguring our relationship with the Earth and its inhabitants. To question our impact, and to ask why we need synthetic bird music. Is it just a visionary endeavour or is it because we are failing at fostering a world in which organic birds and other creatures can thrive?

32 artists from the whole world, including our favourite artists from Eastern Europe, have contributed to this compilation both with new and previously released music. Their music is ordered from dawn to dusk and into the night. For many of the artists it's their first time on mappa, but some have previously released an album with us.